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  • Includes Professional Scripts And Music!

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Power VSL is the FIRST Explainer Video Templates Pack
Designed specifically for Product Launches
in the top 2022 online marketing niches

No need to be a master at video editing and no hassle, stress, or pricy software!

GET Your New Explainer Video with POWER VSL IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS!

step 1 - Choose


Choose a ready-to-use Power VSL sales video template.  

STEP 2 - Customize


Click, edit, and replace your images and product name.



Export And Done.
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digital sales Niches are Your Biggest Opportunity in 2022 "

It doesn't matter what you are selling! YOU NEED A VIDEO! I'm sure this comes as no surprise, and yet there are hundreds of thousands of businesses in the market that are just getting around to this now!

Now you and your clients can get top notch explainer videos

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Introducing power vsl BUNDLE

The ONLY User-Friendly VSL Templates pack on the Market specifically for online marketers and their product launches

Power VSL is the latest Premium Video Templates release from Shelley Penney and Desafa Media. We make it easy for you to create a SALES VIDEO for your product or service in 3 easy steps (select - edit - finish).

Learn more about " power VSL "

The Most User Friendly Sales Video Templates On The Market!

These templates were specifically created to use for products in THE TOP SELLING NICHES in marketplaces like JVZoo, W+ and Clickbank!
That’s how we KNOW the topics are relevant and ON TREND!
Here’s what’s inside :

  • Professionally created Sales Video Templates, made to sell, and designed in Powerpoint!
  • Sales Video Scripts for each video. using a special formula that’s designed to captivate and engage!
  • Logo Intro Templates
  • Call to Action templates
  • Product Mockup Templates
  • YouTube End Screen Templates
  • and more

All video templates have been designed with PowerPoint, and graphics are designed with Photoshop so they are very easy to use.

Here is what you will get inside Power VSL

Premium Video Sales Letter templates

Full HD 1920 x 1080 And Up to 4K resolution

Inside you will get 20 Premium, High Converting Sales Videos in the 8 of the top Internet Marketing Product Launch Niches for 2022.

  1. Video
  2. Software/App
  3. Local Biz Solutions 
  4. Make Money Online
  5. Traffic
  6. Digital/Physical Product
  7. Problem/ Solution
  8. Resell for Profit

All designs are  created in house with our graphic designers and copywriters, using royalty free music.

Premium Logo Intro Video

Full HD 1920 x 1080 And Up to 4K resolution

Just add your branding and you’ve got a gorgeous logo reveal to add to your videos or stand alone! 


Including Script and Music

2 ratios : 1920 x 1080 | 1080 x 1080

11 different scripts written by our in house copywriter to go with corresponding videos and all the supporting music royalty free.

Use as is, or edit as you wish!

Premium Call To Action Video templates

Full HD 1920 x 1080

Sometimes you just want it QUICK and TO THE POINT!

We’ve created short videos to grab the attention of your potential customers.

These templates are universal…  edit them to create: product promo reminders, sales notifications and more!

YouTube End Screen Video Templates

Full HD 1920 x 1080

Almost all videos will end up on YouTube or Vimeo, or one of the video broadcast solutions!  

Thistemplates are a 

Therefore, we complement promovidz with YouTube End screen templates that we have specially designed according to current video design trends.

mockup Product

For static promotions purpose.

We have designed a product mockup that fits every video theme, which of course you can easily change using the smart object feature of Adobe Photoshop.

Note: if you don’t have adobe photoshop, you can also use the free online psd editor.

POWER VSL Templates Are Great For

Sales Pages

Power VSL Templates were designed with Marketplace sellers in mind! If you're launching a product on JVZoo, W+, Clickbank or similar, we have templates for your niche!

Affiliate Marketers

You don't have to have your own product to use Power VSL. Since we have all the niches covered, you have a template to sell any product. Perfect on review sites or your YouTube channel.

Freelance Sellers

Get the attention of potential clients!. Use PowerVSL video templates and scripts to create the perfect video highlighting your service! Talk about a professional upgrade! PowerVSL templates are dressed for success!

Agency Sellers

We predict that people selling video services to other businesses are going to be in huge demand for 2022. Businesses will pay you big bucks to create their VSLs for them! Don't sweat it- we've got you covered and it's money in the bank for you!

High-Converting, attractive and unique Promotion videos make for great Conversions
Great conversions = More views/clicks/leads/sales = Profit in the bank!

POWER VSL Is The Best Solution To Create Amazing Looking Videos

Within Minutes, You Can Create A High Quality Video That Reflects Your Brand And Product!

Module #1
Power VSL Video Templates

  • 20 premium video sales letter templates that you can use for yourself or  for clients project! 
  • 8 different niches, and several different styles give you UNLIMITED options to create a perfect sales video!
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials that make it easy to edit!

Power VSL Niche 1 "Software/App VSL"

Software/App VSL 1

Software/App VSL 3

Software/App VSL 2

Software/App VSL 4

Software/App VSL 5

power VSL Niche 2 "Local Biz Solution VSL"

Local Biz Solution VSL 1

Local Biz Solution VSL 3

Local Biz Solution VSL 2

Local Biz Solution VSL 4

Local Biz Solution VSL 5

Power VSL Niche 3- "Make Money Online VSL"

Make Money Online VSL 1

Make Money Online VSL 3

Make Money Online VSL 2

Make Money Online VSL 4

Make Money Online VSL 5

Power VSL Niche 4 "Make Money Online 2 VSL"

Make Money Online VSL 1

Make Money Online VSL 3

Make Money Online VSL 2

Make Money Online VSL 4

Make Money Online vsl 5

Power VSL Niche 5 "Traffic VSL"

Traffic VSL 1

Traffic VSL 3

Traffic VSL 2

Traffic VSL 4

Traffic VSL 5

Power VSL Niche 6 "Digital/Physical Product VSL"

Digital/Physical Product VSL 1

Digital/Physical Product VSL 3

Digital/Physical Product VSL 2

Digital/Physical Product VSL 4

Digital/Physical Product VSL 5

Power VSL Niche 7 "Generic Problem/Solution VSL"

Generic Problem/Solution VSL1

Generic Problem/Solution VSL 3

Generic Problem/Solution VSL 2

Generic Problem/Solution VSL 4

Generic Problem/Solution VSL 5

Power VSL Niche 8 "Resell for Profit VSL"

Resell for Profit VSL 1

Resell for Profit VSL 3

Resell for Profit VSL 2

Resell for Profit VSL 4

Resell For Profit VSL 5

Power VSL Niche 9 "Video Product VSL"

Video Product VSL 1

Video Product VSL 3

Video Product VSL 2

Video Product VSL 4

Video Product VSL 5

Power VSL Niche 10 "make money online"

make money online VSL 1

make money online VSL 3

make money online VSL 2

make money online VSL 4

make money online VSL 5

Power VSL Niche 11 " BONUS PRO VSL"






Module #2 - Logo Intro

  • 10 Logo intro video templates that you can use for yourself or  for client projects! 
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials 
  • Created with 100% PowerPoint!

Logo Intro 1

Logo Intro 3

Logo Intro 5

Logo Intro 7

Logo Intro 9

Logo Intro 2

Logo Intro 4

Logo Intro 6

Logo Intro 8

Logo Intro 10

Logo Intro Upgrade 11

Logo Intro Upgrade 13

Logo Intro Upgrade 15

Logo Intro Upgrade 17

Logo Intro Upgrade 19

Logo Intro Upgrade 12

Logo Intro Upgrade 14

Logo Intro Upgrade 16

Logo Intro Upgrade 18

Logo Intro Upgrade 20

Logo Intro Upgrade 21

Logo Intro Upgrade 23

Logo Intro Upgrade 25

Logo Intro Upgrade 27

Logo Intro Upgrade 29

Logo Intro Upgrade 22

Logo Intro Upgrade 24

Logo Intro Upgrade 26

Logo Intro Upgrade 28

Logo Intro Upgrade 30

Module #3 - Call To Actions

  • 10 premium call to actions video templates that you can use for yourself or for client’s projects! 
  • Short videos that get to the point! 
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials!
  • Created with 100% PowerPoint!

Call To Action 1

Call To Action 3

Call To Action 5

Call To Action 7

Call To Action 9

Call To Action 2

Call To Action 4

Call To Action 6

Call To Action 8

Call To Action 10

Call To Action 11

Call To Action 13

Call To Action 15

Call To Action 17

Call To Action 19

Call To Action 12

Call To Action 14

Call To Action 16

Call To Action 18

Call To Action 20

Call To Action 21

Call To Action 23

Call To Action 25

Call To Action 27

Call To Action 29

Call To Action 22

Call To Action 24

Call To Action 26

Call To Action 28

Call To Action 30

Module #4 - YouTube end Screen

  • 10 premium video end screen templates that you can use for your  Video channels.
  • All templates are equipped with placeholders and tutorials!
  • Created with 100% PowerPoint!

YouTube End Screen 1

YouTube End Screen 3

YouTube End Screen 5

YouTube End Screen 7

YouTube End Screen 9

YouTube End Screen 2

YouTube End Screen 4

YouTube End Screen 6

YouTube End Screen 8

YouTube End Screen 10

YouTube End Screen 11

YouTube End Screen 13

YouTube End Screen 15

YouTube End Screen 17

YouTube End Screen 19

YouTube End Screen 12

YouTube End Screen 14

YouTube End Screen 16

YouTube End Screen 18

YouTube End Screen 20

YouTube End Screen 21

YouTube End Screen 23

YouTube End Screen 25

YouTube End Screen 27

YouTube End Screen 29

YouTube End Screen 22

YouTube End Screen 24

YouTube End Screen 26

YouTube End Screen 28

YouTube End Screen 30

Module #5 - Mock uP

  • 20 Mockup templates that match the VSL templates for consistency!
  • Created with Adobe Photoshop using Image smart object feature,for easy editing!
  • Free online solutions available if you don’t have Photoshop!

POWER VSL saves you Time and money creating high converting Explainer Videos and graphics!

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Let's review the contents

Stop Wasting Time and Money!



NOTE : We Suggest you Upgrade to the platinum package to TRIPLE your purchase!
You will see the option after this purchase


Most frequent questions and answers

Power VSL is a PowerPoint Video Template Pack. It’s NOT a software. You will need PowerPoint to edit the video templates, and Photoshop or equivalent to edit the graphics.

Choose the video template you need, open with  PowerPoint and click or replace with your own content.

Choose the graphic template you need, and open with Photoshop to edit.

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You should pay attention to our requirements. We ONLY DO the refund if there is an issue with the product and our technical support can’t solve it for you. We’ll provide a refund for you within 7 days of your purchase.

You will receive commercial license with the product, you can use POWER VSL for your personal and customer projects. 

You can  use it for Agency use (creating videos for customers other than yourself).

PowerVSL was created with Powerpoint 365 for Windows & Mac. 

You should use the same version, although we don’t rule out the possibility that this product can be used in powerpoint version of 2010 and above

DO NOT dispute via PayPal Please send your support request to : All refunds must be processed by JVZoo system per their Business Policy

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