Premium bonus 1

80 Motivational quote based on canva

Premium bonus 2

50 Liquid Background PPT Templates

Premium bonus 3

10 Animated mockup templates

  • The bundle includes 10 animated mockup templates featuring ten unique designs. 
  • With two options of static or animated use, these templates are perfect for showcasing your designs in a visually appealing way. 
  • Made entirely using Microsoft PowerPoint, these templates are effortless to use and allow you to customize them according to your preferences. Enjoy complete control over your mockup designs and create stunning presentations with ease using these templates.

Premium bonus 4

100 Colorful Typography

  • 100 Colorful Colorful Typography PowerPoint Templates that you can use for all PowerPoint templates on the market!
  • This file is 100% PowerPoint and you can drag and drop to use it