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Graphic Azura VOL 3 (New video Style Templates) Lite

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IF You Only Have PERSONAL USE License To The “Graphic Azura” Main Packagee ….

By Grabbing This LITE Package, You’ll Not Only Get Extra Templates And Graphics…
But You’ll Also Get Developer License For All The Items On This Page And The Main Package You’ve Purchased !!

Inside You will get :

  1. Double Pack  – You will 50 video templates, 40 static design cover and more bonuses inside.
  2. Developer License – Include your main page if you secure this one 🙂
  3. Extra Bonuses – We already prepare more bonuses inside this page
  4. More niche Platinum pack will give you more niche business .


It’s All DIFFERENT Templates & BIGGER… Plus More ATTRACTIVE Than The Previous Package!

Graphic Azura VOL 3 (New video Style Templates) Lite

“ Let's See the Platinum Version Here "

Power Point Video Templates

 “100 % POWER POINT”

FaceBook News Feed / Ads Video Templates

 “100 % POWER POINT”

FaceBook Fans Page Cover Video Templates

 “100 % POWER POINT”

Instagram News Feed/ Ads Video Templates

 “100 % POWER POINT”

Instagram Stories Video Templates

” 100% power point “

Static Design Template

 “ready with 2 format (POWER POINT & photoshop)”



 – Google Plus COVER  TEMPLATES –

 – Youtube cover templates –


" 2 Variant Format "

All of these templates comes with 2 file format PSD and PPT that are easy to edit. 
So if you know how to use Photoshop or powerpoint, then I guarantee that you can use this template as well 🙂


 “this bonuses will deleted after launch close”

 – BONUS 1 – 25 WOMEN chef-

 – BONUS 2 – Male chef –

 – BONUS 3 – 25 women dj –

 – BONUS 4 – 25 man dj –

 – BONUS 5 – 25 animated women CHEF –

 – BONUS 6 – 25 ANIMATED men CHEF-

 – BONUS 7 – 25 ANIMATED women dj –

 – BONUS 8 – 25 ANIMATED men dj –

Lets Recap What You Will Get Today : 

10 IG Ads/ News Feed Video Templates

10 Templates X $17.00Each = $170,-

10 FB Ads/ Feed Video Templates

10 Templates X $17.00 Each = $170,-

 16 Static Design YouTube  Cover

16 Templates X $15.00 Each = $240,-

 16 Static Design Twitter Cover

16 Templates X $15.00 Each = $240,-

” 10 CLASSY HQ Video Templates “

10 Templates X $21.00 Each = $210,-

 16 Static Design Ready To Print Flyer

16 Templates X $20.00 Each = $320,-

Extra Bonuses Module

Values More then 200$

10 IG Stories  Video Templates

10 Templates X $17.00 Each = $170,-

10 FB Fans Cover Video Templates

10 Templates X $17.00 Each = $170,-

 16 Static Design G – Plus Cover

16 Templates X $15.00 Each = $240,-

 16 Static Design FB Fans Page Cover

16 Templates X $15.00 Each = $240,-

“The Overall Total Is : $2370.-“

(Worth Of Videos And Graphics Items If Bought Separately Or Outsourced)

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Graphic Azura VOL 3 (New video Style Templates) Lite

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Before You Hit The Buy Button Below, Please READ & AGREE That :

  1. You have READ our sales copy and UNDERSTAND that we sell video templates in .PPTX files format,
    so you’ll need Ms.Powerpoint to work with our templates.
  2. You already have Ms.Powerpoint application on your computer (Windows/Mac).
  3. Your Powerpoint is at least 2010 version. OR.. version that have ability to Export as Video. Because
    only Powerpoint version 2010 or above that has feature to Export As Video
  4. You can Edit the templates using Powerpoint below 2010 version, but you’ll not be able to Save/Export
    your project as Video
  5. You have a litle experience to work with Powerpoint, at least on how to change Image,Text, and Color.
    Or you have someone who can do that for you.
  6. You’ve WATCHED all the Demo & fully UNDERSTAND about what kind of product you’ll buy here.
    Don’t buy if you not understand about what is it.
  7. Once again… make sure that you’ll need this video templates for your project today,
    or you’ll need it in the future.
  8. If you don’t have any qualification above (specially about Ms.Powerpoint software),
    please think again to buy this product today. Don’t waste your money on us!
  9. And please understand that our Money Back Guarantee will NOT APPLY if you don’t have conditions as
    we’ve mentioned above!

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All graphic azura design created with love, Modern , And Attractive. we guaranty our design is different with another power point templates
product. So we can say if our product is limited 🙂


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